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Born in Manila.
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Art & Design
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Be More Human
"Be More Human" was the world's reintroduction to Reebok. A new rallying cry for the tough fitness athlete, we created a campaign that looked like the antithesis of anything from either Nike or Adidas. Colors were desaturated, designs were distressed, and the photography was gritty. The type looked like it was chiseled in granite. Everything feels tactile, imperfect, and above all else, human.
Concept, Art Direction, Design
Cannes Lions (2x Silver), Awwwards (Site of the Month, Site of the Day), FWA (Site of the Day, Mobile Site of the Day), SF Addys (Silver), Clio Sports (Bronze)
OOH / Print
Human Experience
The Be More Human: Experience was an online destination launched alongside our new campaign for Reebok. Comprised of 3 distinct sections, the site explored the correlation between fitness and humanity. With "Human Score," we partnered with researchers to create an online quiz that had the audacity to boil a person's humanness down to a single number. In "Gray Matters," we worked with neuroscientists to measure the effect of exercise on the human brain and served up our findings through an interactive visualizer. And finally with "Break Your Selfie," we flipped the idea of the perfectly beautiful, curated selfie by encouraging the public to post their most sweaty, bruised, and broken post-workout selves.
Selected Screens
Human Score: Film
An in-depth look at the creation of the Human Score with David McRaney, author of “You’re Not So Smart.” The film features real people and athletes from around the country, as we seek to understand what it means to be “human.”
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