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Playstation Vue
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When PlayStation launched their live TV streaming service, they wanted to take the big cable companies head-on. People were tired of the contracts, the surprise fees, and the bundles. They wanted to help people finally cut the cord. So we launched a national campaign aimed at gamers, positioning PlayStation Vue as a legitimate (and far less frightening) alternative to cable TV.
Concept, Art Direction, Design
Coaxial Corp.
When we took the campaign online, we built a website for the fictional cable company from our TV spots: Coaxial Corp. As visitors explored the site, it would begin to glitch out and break apart, revealing a way out thanks to PlayStation Vue.
The Brand
In designing the Vue brand, we wanted to create something distinctly "PlayStation" while making it unique to a new product that was all about watching TV. Our answer was embracing elements synonymous with the PlayStation brand (the blues, the symbols, the logo) and mixing them up with vibrant, neon-glows typically associated with TV monitors—creating a look that would catch your eye online, out on the street, and most importantly, on your television.
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