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Born in Manila.
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Art & Design
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Taco Bell
Chasing Gold
Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries are back and to mark the occasion, we created “Chasing Gold,” the story of Zack Collins (played by Emmy/Golden Globe Award Winner, Darren Criss), a singer who becomes a superstar after being discovered by hotshot talent agent Gordon Stirling (Silicon Valley’s, Chris Diamantopoulos). But with every rise comes a fall—when Zack realizes that fame, like Nacho Fries, are for a limited time only.
Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
The One Show (Shortlist), Adweek (Ad of the Day), AdAge (Ad of the Day), Creativity Online (Editor’s Pick)
Selected Stills
The Track
Every great movie needs a great soundtrack, We partnered up with Darren Criss to create a full length ballad to Nacho Fries called “Love Of My Life” and released online and on radio. We even approached other emerging artists to cover the song in their own style and had the Chasing Gold Soundtrack ready to stream on Spotify.
The Box Set
To get the word out for “Chasing Gold,” we sent fans and influencers a promo kit styled like a record box set. Inside was the movie poster, a golden USB drive (with the full track and the spot), a world tour t-shirt, a customized letter, and a backstage pass that could be redeemed for free Nacho Fries.
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