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Stand with
the Sun
To Kihachiro Onitsuka, the sunflower was a symbol that represented constantly reaching for the unreachable. This symbol stuck with him through the years and became his focus when he took up painting late in life. So as part of the Onitsuka Centennial Celebration, we honored that legacy through the launch of the KO100 Series and the global campaign: “Stand With The Sun.” Bringing together the 3 brands he created to celebrate his love of sunflowers.
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
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The Sunflower
To Onitsuka, the sunflower was more than a flower, it was a philosophy. So in all our in-store and online work, we continued to draw inspiration from the sunflower, infusing the launch of the KO100 Series with the vibrant optimism that the ASICS founder was known for.
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